Office Fitouts

The Partition Company specialises in office fitouts and can assist you with yours from conceptualisation through to completion.

Floor Plan Design

Floor space is very expensive. Layouts must be designed with economics and practicalities in mind, with close attention paid to the positioning of fire sprinklers, air conditioning units or outlets, windows, amenities and fire exits.

We also handle floor plan drawing and submission of the plans to Council, along with building Applications and Fire System Approvals.

Project Management

Setting up new commercial premises or altering existing partition layouts can be time-consuming and daunting. The average fitout can involve up to 15 different trades and services.

Allow us to coordinate all the trades necessary to complete your offices on time and on budget. Our team of trusted tradesmen are highly experienced in every facet of office fitout.

Suspended Ceilings

We design and install a large range of suspended ceilings including acoustic panels, exposed grids, concealed grids, linear grids, flush ceilings and bulkheads.

We can also install ceiling enhancements for areas such as boardrooms, meeting rooms, foyers and reception areas.

Plasterboard & Glass Partitions

Talk to us about the latest applications of high quality plasterboard and glass partitions.

Use glass where light, space, durability, style and low maintenance are priorities and plasterboard for greater cost-effectiveness and to conceal data and power cabling and provide privacy and sound insulation.

Sound-Rated Partitions – These provide the perfect solution for offices where privacy or the reduction of noise are important.

Noise can be eliminated by installing sound insulation in partition cavities along with sound baffles to the ceiling space and specialised perimeter treatments.

Common Tenancy Walls

When you require security and privacy from adjoining tenancies, we can install a special type of partition that incorporates security and sound baffles in the ceiling space.

The partitions are constructed with a secure, reinforced lining.

Fire Services

Achieve full compliance with fire authority standards.

We can install or relocate sprinkler heads and exit signs where necessary and install computer room fire detection systems.

Electrical & Data Cabling

We can install and relocate lighting and power outlets, hot water heaters and appliances.

Our licensed electrical experts can also perform technology-related electrical work such as installing uninterrupted power supplies, line conditions and data cabling for computer networks and labs.

Special Lighting

Lighting is critical to creating a particular ambience.

We will ensure that the corporate feel or specific atmosphere you desire is achieved with lighting, using the latest in effect lighting such as wall washes and downlights.

Painting & Decorating

Our painters keep up to date with all the latest finishes.

We can recommend specific paint products to suit your requirements and offer a complete painting and decorating service so that you only need the one provider.

Office Furniture

Our vast array of both stock and custom built office furniture can provide everything you need to ensure your office fitout is entirely cohesive.

Ready2Go Furniture Catalogue

Floor Coverings

Any covering can be supplied and installed according to your décor and your budget.

It may be marble or granite for the foyer or reception areas, high-traffic carpet for general admin areas and hallways and vinyl for the tea room. Ask us for suggestions.

Computer Room Flooring

We can fit anti-static raised access floors in any suitable material such as vinyl or Formica.

Access floors provide ease in installing and altering computer cabling and enable sub-floor air conditioning to maintain a stable operational environment for temperature-sensitive equipment.

Telephone Systems

We will assist you in finding the most appropriate telephone system for your current and future requirements. It should not only be adequate now but be capable of expanding with your growth.


We can design and install all signage required, from the logo behind reception through to neon, back-illuminated or polystyrene external signs.

The Partition Company has managed many hundreds of commercial and corporate fitouts over our 35+ year history.

Our success lies in being able to create conceptual designs and implement them cost-effectively.

You can count on us to execute any size task, on time and on budget, irrespective of the complexity.

Thanks to our comprehensive range of expert services across all aspects of office fitout, we are able to provide the very best coordination, with top levels of communication, efficiency and cohesion throughout the assignment.

When you’re ready to discuss your upcoming office fitout requirements – new or revised – give us a call on 1300 366 882.