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Why isn’t pricing included for any of the products on the website?

We cater each order to the specific needs of the customer. If you require 10 chairs, then rather than having a set price for one chair and multiplying it by 10, we will provide a bulk discount.

I’m looking for an item which is not on your website, can you still get it for me?

Absolutely! Our website provides an extensive list of our most popular items however please understand that we cannot have every single item visible on the website. Please Contact Us and in almost all cases we can supply this item to you.

I’m not really sure what type of chair or desk would be suitable for my needs. Can you help?

We certainly can. There are a great deal of features to choose from. Tell us your needs and we’ll connect you with the right products.

I’m on a really tight budget; can you help me with budget-priced office furniture?

We’re big believers in “you get what you pay for”. We’ve seen the bottom-dollar products go bad really quickly and we simply won’t deal in them. What we can tell you is that when you buy from us, you’ll get excellent quality and products that are reliable, long-lasting and suited to your needs. Give us a try and you’ll find there is no comparison.

Are all your products flat-packed? I’m not confident with assembling furniture.

That’s fine. Some of our products are flat-packed but we can fully assemble them for you at a small additional charge if you wish - You only need to let us know.

Are you a bulk supplier or can we order just one chair from you?

We are happy to help even if you only want one chair or one desk.

Do you supply for home offices as well as corporate offices?

Absolutely! We have a vast range of products that suit small, private offices through to major corporate premises with hundreds of workstations, unique storage needs and sound and privacy considerations.

Can you help us design a workspace that suits our particular requirements?

Yes, for sure. We specialise in knowing the best way to configure workstations and offices so that they increase comfort and productivity.

We have pretty specific storage needs; can you help?

Whatever needs to be put away in your office, we can help you find the right solution. It could be banks of servers and complex cabling, archived paper or disk files, sensitive documents or any number of other types of materials.

We have large and small scale, lockable, mobile, swing-door or sliding-door storage systems, drawers, cabinets, bookcases, towers, caddies, credenzas and more. Read more here.

How do we know what kind of partitions or screens we need?

You simply tell us what you need them for and we’ll discuss dimensions, materials and colours. If you need desk partitions, we can help you with our range of DataDesk and Linkaspace workstation screens.

If you need a room divider system, then you can’t look past the Screenflex product. We can advise on sizing and other elements to suit your needs. Read more here.

We have an office fitout coming up; how much of it can you coordinate for us?

We have managed many hundreds of office fitouts over our 35-year history. We can help you from the very beginning including design, lodgement of plans with Council, coordinating trades, fire system approvals, electrical and data cabling, floor coverings, signage, telephone systems and so much more. Read more here.

We’ve had a look at what’s on your site but we’re really interested in a custom solution; do you offer that?

Yes, we can provide custom joinery services for you for those applications where a stock-standard product is not going to suit or you want something more personalised. Read more here.